1. Confessions of a Serial Rebaser

    I'm always asking my team to clean up their Git history. Here's what I mean by that.

  2. Writing Tests is Easy, Actually Testing Things is Hard

    It's possible to write a lot of tests without testing anything useful at all. Don't.

  3. 20 Minute URL Shortener with Go and Redis

    A tutorial on building a simple URL shortener API with Golang, Docker, and Redis.

  4. Throwing ideas together with System.JS

    Getting started with a new JavaScript project without getting bogged down in boilerplate hell.

  5. A devenv that doesn't suck

    An open-source hack to create a zero-config, multi-site development environment.

  6. Using Promises in existing jQuery projects

    It's possible to make use of Promises even if you have a legacy jQuery application - here's how.

  7. Git is not scary or hard!

    Even if you're not really technical, I believe you can really benefit from Version Control.