1. Three language features I wish PHP had

    Good languages copy, great languages steal. What could PHP nick from Python, C#, TypeScript...?

  2. A Simple React Native & Firebase App

    A fun little mobile app I built in the sun, for multiplayer scorekeeping

  3. Foray into Arch Linux and AwesomeWM

    On reconnecting with my inner nerd, learning stuff, and shaving numerous yaks.

  4. Choose Your Strategy

    Using the Strategy Pattern to effectively deal with conditions, without making a mess of your codebase.

  5. Adventures in Oral Surgery

    Things to know (and mistakes not to make) if you're undergoing wisdom teeth extraction.

  6. Confessions of a Serial Rebaser

    I'm always asking my team to clean up their Git history. Here's what I mean by that.

  7. Writing Tests is Easy, Actually Testing Things is Hard

    It's possible to write a lot of tests without testing anything useful at all. Don't.

  8. 20 Minute URL Shortener with Go and Redis

    A tutorial on building a simple URL shortener API with Golang, Docker, and Redis.

  9. Throwing ideas together with System.JS

    Getting started with a new JavaScript project without getting bogged down in boilerplate hell.

  10. A devenv that doesn't suck

    An open-source hack to create a zero-config, multi-site development environment.

  11. Using Promises in existing jQuery projects

    It's possible to make use of Promises even if you have a legacy jQuery application - here's how.

  12. Git is not scary or hard!

    Even if you're not really technical, I believe you can really benefit from Version Control.