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About Me

Hey! I’m yet another Person Who Makes Things On The Internet.

I’m a British developer living and working in Berlin, Germany. I’m currently Director of Engineering at HelloFresh; previously I’ve worked as Lead Developer at a tiny agency in Canterbury, UK providing website builds and technical consultancy to businesses throughout the UK and Europe, and as a Business Analyst at Intel.

I also freelance from time to time - find out more about that in the Work section. Recently I’m getting into photography too, but that’s more of a hobby.

If you agree, disagree, enjoy, or have any comments about my work or the content of my site I encourage you to get in touch with me on Twitter.


  • Choose Your Strategy

    Using the Strategy Pattern to effectively deal with conditions, without making a mess of your codebase.

  • Adventures in Oral Surgery

    Things to know (and mistakes not to make) if you're undergoing wisdom teeth extraction.

  • Confessions of a Serial Rebaser

    I'm always asking my team to clean up their Git history. Here's what I mean by that.

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